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Initially a passion project, Solanna Swimwear is founded by two childhood friends, who happen to share same ideals and love going to the beach. We believe in endless pursuit of our best versions, which starts when you empower yourself to pursue passion, chase after goals and see the world. We serve women who seek the same. She is unique and stylish but practical. She is effortlessly chic, loves anything that beautifully stands out but nothing over the top. Most of our creations have classic silhouettes with an added value to it, either with a touch of modern, a practical feature or both. We want a bit that’s not just creative but also functional. So as you go out there, we’ll be there to play a part in your pursuit of best self, for even just a fraction.

Solanna Who we are
Solanna Swimwear is a Filipino swimwear brand that aims to provide comfortable, size inclusive and functional designs to every women, everywhere.
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